At Guymon Orthodontics, we will bring out a beautiful and healthy smile you love. We are proud of the results our patients have seen, and can’t wait to see how your new smile will change your life.

CASE #1:12 Year Old

This patient came to us with crowding on the upper jaw and spacing on the lower. This patient was in treatment for 20 months and the treatment consisted of an expander, braces, and elastics to align the bite.  The treatment plan corrected crossbites which also corrected the facial profile. 

CASE #2: 11 Year Old

This patient had severe crowding on upper and lower jaws due to premature loss of primary molars, and was treated without extractions by using an appliance to move the molars back, make room for the canines, and then align the teeth.

CASE #3: 36 Year Old Female

This patient had severe crowding on the upper and lower arches as well as blocked out canines and gingival recession. We removed four premolars to make room to align teeth. After 24 months, this patient had a new beautiful, functional smile.   

“Big thank you to Guymon Orthodontics for the exceptional care they’ve give me and my family over the past decade!” —Emily Hardman

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