Meet our Team


Scheduling Coordinator

I love getting to know our patients and their families as they come in to our office every month. We establish good relationships with them and see them as members of our extended family. Watching their new smiles develop and seeing their whole attitude toward life change as they feel more secure in their smile, is very rewarding to witness. I am the team member who you will likely speak with when you call our office. I make all the appointments and keep everything running on-time by managing our schedule. I also write the posts on our Guymon Ortho Facebook page, and create our quarterly eNewsletters. Away from the office, I love to travel, cook, take on DIY projects, and go to the movies. I’m a passionate reader and have a degree in English. I am new to Cache Valley, having moved here in 2012 when I got married, and am enjoying getting to know our community. My husband, Jeff, coaches soccer for a living, so we spend a lot of weekends at soccer games and traveling to tournaments. We are big Real Salt Lake fans and have even season tickets.


Financial Coordinator

It is incredible to see the beautiful smiles on our patients’ happy faces when their braces come off. Our whole team is smiling right along with the patient and their family, because we know we’ve made a real, positive difference in the life of someone who’s become a friend. My job involves coordinating insurance and financial arrangements with our families. I work with the parents to find a payment schedule that works with their family budget, ensuring that the patient can start treatment when they most need it. I love seeing the relief on a parent’s face, when they realize that they can afford orthodontic care for their child. When I’m not at work, you’ll often find me outside, enjoying the sunshine. I love hiking in our gorgeous Cache Valley Mountains and in the National Parks. I also enjoy cooking, crafting, serving in my church with the youth, and traveling with my family, discovering new places and adventures together. My husband and I have three terrific children and two adorable grandchildren.


Treatment Coordinator

The best part of my work is the daily interaction with our patients and their families. I love getting to know about their lives and interests, and our patients are always eager to share stories about their latest school or sports-related achievements, and recount their most recent adventures. In our office, I take X-rays, impressions, and photos. During my time off, you’ll often find me running, biking, and just being outside. I also enjoy cleaning my house. My family consists of four wonderful children and 12 marvelous grandchildren.


Treatment Coordinator

Seeing patients once a month means we really get to know them. When they come in for their visit, it’s a good chance to catch-up on what’s been happening in their lives, and I love meeting our new patients and their families, too. We truly do have a great group of people that we care for and I look forward to our conversations throughout the day. I work chairside with our doctor, providing whatever assistance is required to make the procedure run smoothly. At the same time, I am focused on our patient, talking with them about what the doctor is doing, offering reassurance and encouragement if they’re concerned, and cracking jokes to keep them entertained. My husband and I have been married for 14 years and we have a son and a daughter. Our family has two pet dogs, too. I love to be outside, play games, read, and do craft projects.


Orthodontic Assistant

I like everything I do here at our practice, but I really love interacting with, getting to know, and helping people every day I am at work. It is an honor to be part of a team that makes a difference in the lives of so many great people. My work duties including changing wires and “o” rings, fitting bands, and assisting the doctor in caring for our patients. I also take X-rays and impressions, and make study models and retainers. I love working in the dental field and learning new things each day. I really like working around kids: they are so incredibly entertaining and earnest at the same time. I have three children, myself: a son and two daughters.


Orthodontic Assistant

Getting to know our patients is so rewarding. Ortho is different than general dentistry, because we see our patients monthly as opposed to twice a year. I love teenagers and being around them, seeing them mature and their personalities start to shine as they begin to feel more comfortable with the appearance of their teeth. Helping create beautiful smiles for such great patients makes my work very enjoyable. Truly, I love everything about my job. My duties are to assist our doctor in any way I can. I make sure he has the instruments he needs at hand, and I set-up our treatment area and make everything ready for the patient, then clean and sterilize it after. As for my personal life, I’ve been married for a little over two years. My husband currently attends Utah State and plans to go on to law school and become an attorney. I love hanging out with my family and friends, and playing with my pooches.


Orthodontic Assistant

It’s incredible to help people feel happier and more confident with their teeth and smile. Being there as a patient’s smile changes, watching their whole attitude toward life changing along with it, and seeing how thrilled they are when they’ve finished treatment and they have a healthy and beautiful, are all amazing experiences. At our practice, I assist our doctor, chairside, during patient treatments and procedures. I also change o-rings and wires, take orthodontic impressions, and X-rays, too. Outside of work, you’ll find me studying, as I’m a student at Utah State University, majoring in Health Science. If I’m not hitting the books, I’m likely outside, and I love skiing. I also love spending time with friends and my family.